Georgia State Parks

There are over 60 state parks in Georgia, each with something unique and beautiful to behold.  My boys and I are exploring a new one every month in 2014 (possibly more…) We’re staying in the cabins, cottages, yurts, and campgrounds around the state.  Each month we’ll give you a review of the accommodations and the park, and each quarter will bring an article or two about the parks.  I’ll post them all here as they are completed!

James H. (“Sloppy”) Floyd (July)

James Floyd State Park

Park Review/Cottages

Black Rock Mountain (June)

Black Rock Mountain State Park

Park Review/Cottages

Unicoi in Helen (May)

Unicoi State Park

Park Review/Cottages/Anna Ruby Falls

George L Smith in Twin City (April)

George L Smith State Park - ideas from 365 Atlanta Family

Park Review/Cottages

Richard B. Russell in Elberton (March)

Richard B Russell State Park

Park Review/Cottages

Smithgall Woods in Helen (February)

Day 55 - Smithgall Woods State Park - ideas from 365 Atlanta Family

Park ReviewCottages 


Don Carter in Gainesville (January)

Don Carter Park - Hiking - ideas from 365 Atlanta Family

Park ReviewCottages


7 thoughts on “Georgia State Parks”

  1. Susan Hildreth said:

    Love this site! I have been looking for a list of hikes/parks around Atlanta for my family (3 boys) to enjoy. Thank you!!

  2. Hey Lesli! I follow you on IG but this is the first time I’ve visited your site. You’ve inspired me to get out & discover GA with my boys before they’re too old. For instance – I went to high school in Gainesville (well, Oakwood) & didn’t even know Don Carter was there. Love what you do! xo

    • leslipeterson said:

      Thank you for your kind words, and I’m so glad you stopped over! I love following you on IG, too! You’ve got an active crew that I hope will love the beach at Don Carter!

  3. Sherry Rouse said:

    My husband and I have walked quite a few trails in the Georgia State Parks, but we had not heard of Don Carter until you mentioned it. It is on the top of our to do list. He has retired as of April 1, so we are accelerating our hikes to almost every day. Your readers might want to know that they can “borrow” a state park pass from any Georgia library (some let you have it for 2 weeks, our libraries in Gwinnett only let you have it for a week).

  4. Travis said:

    This is a fantastic site, thank you for taking the time to share your experiences, this is extremely helpful. My wife and I are planning a spur of the moment trip next week, and want to get out of the sweltering heat of Tampa, FL. We’ve stayed at Uniqoi before, and had a great experience. Do you have a favorite yet? One of our kids had surgery about 2 weeks ago and cannot swim yet (but is otherwise not really limited), so we want to avoid lake and/or pool swimming. We just want to enjoy some better weather, maybe sneak in some activities like horse back riding, archery, etc. Just curious, if you had to pick one to go back to, which one would it be?

    • leslipeterson said:

      Wow – thanks Travis. I used to live in Tampa (Brandon,) so I can appreciate your excitement about heading a little north in summer! I do have a favorite…it;s right up the road from Unicoi. Smithgall Woods – specifically the Creekside Cottage. Even though you can’t get into the water, it is so lovely sitting on the large porch and hearing the rushing water. There is a back access to Duke’s Creek Falls, which is a great waterfall hike. You’re also near Anna Ruby Falls, which is another short waterfall hike. This park is really about fishing and hunting (in season,) though — not much in the way of archery, etc. You are near Helen though (check out my page just about Helen.

      I think that Panola Mountain and Abrabia Mtn are your best bets for fun activities like you mention. Bike rental and riding, archery, geocaching, tree climbing…there is a lake but you could possibly do the aquabike or canoeing. They have campsites but not cottages. I hope that helps!! Keep us posted!

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