Summer 2014

We’re shaking things up for summer! Every day during June and July, we’ll feature THREE adventure ideas!

Atlanta Botanical Garden – I can never get enough of this garden, but we encourage you to go for a day, just to explore the Children’s Garden here.  Put the little ones in a swim suit, as the flowers at the entrance will spray water and keep them cool.  There is a sand pit, a waterfall they can walk behind, and a shaded playground…all bound to bring hours of fun.

ADVENTURES AT HOME – Each morning we’ll offer an idea that you can do with your kiddo at home, either in the backyard or at the kitchen table.  We’ve tried to make these easy, with materials you usually have around the house or can obtain cheaply. They can also be adapted for younger and older kids.

LOCAL ADVENTURES – Our June edition of Fifty-Two lists 52 local adventures for Atlanta families. You’ll see everything from swimming at a nearby waterhole to watching the new laser show at Stone Mountain Park. We’ll share one of these ideas with you every afternoon during June and July.

ADVENTURES ON THE ROAD – Summer is the time most families hit the road for vacation.  We’ll focus on a different summer vacation destination each week of June and July, and we’ll tell you about a great attraction or restaurant there every day!


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