Day 229 – Cascade Springs Nature Preserve


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If Cascade Spring Nature Preserve looks familiar, it’s because I mentioned it briefly last month.  Seems to have gotten lost in the shuffle, though, so I wanted to highlight it again. Especially because it is such a neat place.

It’s hard to believe this peaceful place is in the heart of the city.  There are towering trees, draped with moss. The Battle of Utoy Creek was fought here, nad you can see evidence of Civil War earth mounds throughout the hike (just under 2 miles.)

The spring waters here are said to have some healing effects, and in fact it was once bottled and sold.  At the beginning of the hike is a pretty spring house with a moat – evidence of times passed.

After you park in the parking lot, take the boardwalk to the beginning of the trail. You’ll pass a few old buildings, which used to be an exclusive resort that utilized the mineral springs. Keep walking until you see the spring house.  If you want to get the toughest part of the hike over first, then head to the right.  If you want to see the waterfall first (and play in it for hours, like my guys did) then head to the left. You’ll circle back to the spring house.

Thanks to Hiking Atlanta’s Hidden Forests for turning me on to this trail. I highly recommend the book! There is even a secret path (about half-way through the hike) that leads you to some really awesome boulders just beyond the fence of the nature preserve – picture below. You have to get the book for that tidbit.

If you don’t have the book, no fear.  Atlanta Trails can get you there.


Cascade Springs Nature Preserve Cascade Springs Nature Preserve Cascade Springs Nature Preserve Cascade Springs Nature Preserve Cascade Springs Nature Preserve

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